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Mobility Equipment

One of the most difficult parts of ageing is losing mobility. As people become older, activities such as shopping, cleaning and even walking may not come as easy. However, focusing on improving mobility can help you take a stand against the effects of ageing. 

How can your mobility be improved? 

Take advantage of walking aids

Improving mobility may require you to take advantage of assistance offered by walking aids. Canes and walkers are two examples of walking aids that can help significantly improve your mobility.

Make changes to your living space

To improve your mobility, it may be useful to make changes to your living space such as adding rails and ramps to the entrance of your home. Stairways can also be amended to help maintain your mobility while at home.

Focus on preventing falls

Improving mobility will lessen the chances of you falling and will automatically improve your mobility. Fall prevention measures like using walking sticks, walking frames and wheeled walkers will be very helpful.

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Choosing a walking aid can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and you want to ensure you get the right fit for you and your needs. Check out of list of the top 5 things you should consider when choosing your aid. 


How does your medical condition affect your movement? 


How will your medical condition and its effects change over time?


What height, shape and weight will best suit you? 


What environment will you be using your aid in the most? 


How easy is the aid to transport and how will you manage this? 
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