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Coping with Dementia

Dementia can happen to anybody, but the risks increase with age. It affects thinking behaviour along with the capability to perform day to day tasks. 

Some early warning signs of dementia include progressive and frequent memory loss, confusion, apathy and withdrawal. 

Safety within the home is an important factor to consider when caring for a person with dementia. The home environment can help them familiarise themselves with where they and where they want to go. You can assist with preparing a home for a dementia patient by installing large orientation signs and using colour contrast to highlight essential objects or areas in the home. 

How we can help...

Falls Prevention

Stand up alarm pads, bed rails, hip savers, walking sticks, wheeled walkers

Memory Aids

Calendars, pill timers, pill boxes, webster packs

Exercise Products

Exercise putty or balls, exercise pedals, shoulder pulley

Dressing Aids

Dressing sticks, long-handled shoe horns, button hooks 

Kitchen Safety

Tipping kettles, grip mats, perching stools, adaptive cutlery

Bathroom Safety

Shower chairs and stools, grab rails, over toilet aids

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