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TEQ-Home Alarm

    • TEQ-Home Alarm powered by SOFIHUB has been developed for a single person home and provides greetings, reminders and alerts.
    • TEQ-Home is packaged with a hub and 8 sensors.
    • The unique intuitive technology assists in visualising behaviours and then raises an alert when behaviours are different.
    • Some alerts may relate to such things as:
      • Late to wake up
      • Late to bed
      • Long bathroom duration.
    • Carers of the resident are provided with a SOFIHUB login and password which they can use to login to the SOFIHUB portal online interface and customise the reminders.
    • If there is no response following further prompts over a five-minute period an alert in the form of an SMS and/or an email will be sent to a previously nominated family member or carer to notify them there has been no response.
    • Through intelligent monitoring of movement, all of which is achieved without video or audio surveillance; at no time does SOFIHUB compromise an individual’s right to privacy.
    • Time based messages: Play at the specified time.
      • Medication reminders: A reminder message will play if the medicine cabinet is not accessed at the scheduled time. .
    • Occupancy based messages: If the room that the hub is located in is occupied between the start and the expiry times, the message will be played.
    • Sensor Dimensions: 45(L) x 45(W) x 40(H) mm
    • TEQ-Home is an always on solution that uses an internal 4G sim card to maintain contact with our carers and monitoring portal at all times, thus NO internet connection is needed in the home where SOFIHUB lives.
    • To achieve this always on status there is an ongoing monthly charge of $25.00 which covers all data usage and monitoring software.
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