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This 3 core Memory Foam Mattress is made up of 3 different high quality foam types. The base later is a 35D grade foam, support layer is a 30D grade foam and the top layer being a 60D grade heavy duty memory foam. This mattress maximises immersion and envelopment of body to achieve maximum contact. Providing comfort and passive pressure relief, protecting against ulcers and pressure sores.

The foams are viscoelastic, free from latex, temperature sensitive and moulds to users shape. A 4 way stretch PU mattress cover is included which is vapour permeable, water resistant and fire retardant. It is removeable with a waterfall zip on 3 sides for easy removal.

  • 3 core with memory foam
  • Maximises immersion and envelopment of the body
  • Provides comfort and relieves pressure
  • 4 way stretch PU water resistant cover
  • Machine washable up to 95 degrees (low or medium spin speed)
  • Fire retardant cover and foam
  • Recommended patient weight: 30-150kg
  • Single: 1980x880x150mm - 14kg
  • King single available on request: 1980x1050x150mm - 16kg

Memory Foam Mattress

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