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FL250 Floorline Bed

    • Under Bed Clearance - While the FL250 achieves a low height of 110mm, full clearance under the bed is still maintained, minimising the risk of foot or cord impingement. .
    • SmartDescent™ Automatically slows descent speed over the final 300mm of lowering to the floor level, allowing possible impingements to be identified and moved.
    • Hidden Bed Mechanisms: The bed mechanisms are attached under the platform and are not visible. This helps the room feel less clinical.
    • Low Height 11cm: Adding a 15cm mattress gives you a total height below 30cm thus significantly reducing out-of-bed fall injury risks.
    • Auto-Regression on back & knee rests: Reduces skin shear forces during operation thus improving clinical outcomes and reducing the need for expensive mattress solutions.
    • High SWL 250kg & base-extension to 100 & 200mm: The same bed platform can meet a wider profile of residents.
    • BrakeFirst™ Automatic Safety Brake Activation at lowest height: Reduces the risk of injury during bed exit in the morning as the bed will lock when at its lowest height.
    • Single Button Seat Position: Easy transfer of weight from lower back to bottom for pressure-care and seated positioning also helps improves lung function for resident.
    • ExitSafe™ Single Button Ingress/Exit height: Your staff don’t have to think about what height to set the bed. Via one button the vast majority of needs are met.
    • Attendant Control Panel - Allows the caregiver to lock out certain functions and also ensures bed operation is not just restricted to the handset.
    • Grey Colour Scheme & Narrow-profile frame: Keeps the focus on bedding and furnishings/finishings rather than the bed-frame.
    • Underbed light standard: Helps to reduce incidence of resident and caregiver falls.
    • Rubber & Nylon castors: Castors remain on the ground during braking, thus not damaging floors.
    • King Single Extension Kit (optional retrofit): Allows you to change the profile of your beds (with minimal cost) to meet resident profile changes.
    • KTL coated anti-corrosion steel: Improved durability for lower lifecycle cost.
    • Low-maintenance Braking System: Fewer headaches for your MO’s!
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