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Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Seat Walker/Rollator

    • Super lightweight - Carbon fibre frame. 
    • Now supplied with bonus cane holder (ref. image)
    • Luxury look and feel – Danish design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings, ergonomic handles and refined colours.
    • Lightweight and ergonomic design with small turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability.
    • “AutoLocate” - Smooth height adjustmentthat automatically locates to pre-set heights, making adjustment simple and accurate. 
    • Locks when folded – makes transportation and storage easier.
    • Advanced locking handbrakes – for increased user safety when walking and sitting.
    • Unbreakable TPE super soft wheels – offers high durability and a smooth ride for increased comfort.
    • Removable utility bag – simple and stylish to remove for shopping. Can hold up to 5 kg.
    • *Unit weight includes accessories, bag and backstrap
    • **Frame weight is minimal functional weight
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