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Aspire Lifecomfort Hybrid Mattress Systems

    • The HYBRID COMFORT is an Acute mattress system offering foam-in-cell technology enabling flexible operation as a high comfort foam static support surface or a powered-up alternating pressure support surface. Specifically re-engineered for increased patient comfort, foam layering now effectively supports patient weight ranging from 50-230kg.

      • Immersive Visco-elastic Memory Foam Surface: Top layer is now twice as thick to offer significant improvement in user comfort
        • Intelligent Hose Management: When not in use the air-hose can be stored internally, reducing infection control and OH&S risks.
        • Integrated Shear Reduction: Memory foam layer moves independently of the cell surface reducing shear when bed is adjusted.
        • Optimised Heel Protection: Tapered heel zone redistributes pressure to lower leg, away from the vulnerable heel region. The castellated surface collapses in a wave-like movement reducing shear.
        • Innovative pump technology: Reduces noise and vibration for undisrupted sleep.
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